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Van Wyk's Courses

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Number Name
MATH 103 The Nature of Mathematics
MATH 107 Fundamentals of Mathematics I
MATH 115 Environmental Mathematics
MATH 167 Topics in Mathematics
MATH 205 Introductory Calculus I
MATH 227 Discrete Structures I
MATH 231 Calculus with Functions I
MATH 232 Calculus with Functions II
MATH 235 Calculus I
MATH 236 Calculus II
MATH 237 Calculus III
MATH 238 Linear Algebra with Differential Equations
MATH 245 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 300 Linear Algebra
MATH 304 Principles of Algebra
MATH 305 Principles of Geometry
MATH 310 Elementary Theory of Numbers
MATH 315 The Real Number System
MATH 352 (no longer exists) Discrete Math I
MATH 353 (old version) Discrete Math II
MATH 353 Graph Theory
MATH 430 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 431 Abstract Algebra II
MATH 434 Advanced Linear Algebra
MATH 435 Introduction to Topology
MATH 467 Knot Theory
MATH 470 Connections in Mathematics
MATH 475 Fundamental Concepts of Geometry
MATH 485 Introduction to category theory and moduli spaces
MATH 499 Honors Thesis
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