'ART IS TRANSCENDENCE'. I believe art is all about challenging the preconceptions of the human mind and enabling the mind to reach new levels of thought. As an artist, you must make it your goal to captivate and intrigue your audience so they are ultimately forced to search for your message or attach their own.
The transhumanist aspect of transcendence and breaking free from the limitations of the human condition plays an integral role in the design and concept of my work. The transhumanist philosophy, put simply, encourages the advancement of technology in order to improve human intellectual, physical, and psychological capabilities. Through such advances, humanity would be able to potentially achieve a higher state of consciousness. The integration of flesh and machine to produce an enhanced human race has always been an intriguing idea to me. With respect to transhumanism, my design and artwork is clean, sleek, and conceptual in nature. Remaining true to my devotion for modern aesthetic, I am precise and organized in my approach to art. I aim for the viewers to make their own interpretations of my biomechanical illustrations and concepts. I also hope my photography inspires viewers to rethink architecture and not perceive buildings as mere...buildings. Architecture has its own artistic merit and conveys beauty through the skilled usage of linear and geometric forms.


I find inspiration and beauty within industrial and utilitarian items. These items are taken-for-granted and lack appreciation from the general public. An essential factor in the art making process is to approach everything with a curious and interpretive mind. For instance, I use common industrial materials (hardware, wire, tubing, electrical components) and repurpose them into jewellery. I provide people with a new perception of hardware's usage. I attribute a different aesthetic to the mundane industrial materials and uncover the dormant beauty within them. Most people perceive nuts and bolts as objects of construction that are clunky and dingy, however, I view these materials in terms of form, shape, and texture. The jewellery I design is heavily influenced by architecture. Each piece of jewellery I make is more than just the construction of metals; it is a testament to architecture or a possible blueprint.
A common held notion is that 'beauty is in symmetry', but I prefer to think the juxtaposition of the asymmetric with the geometric creates the most visually arresting composition. Making symmetric artwork is easy, combining the asymmetric with the symmetric in a cohesive and fluid design is a true testament to problem solving and aesthetic innovation.


Art frees the individual from restrictions, limitations, society, and oneself. In the same notion that transhumanism seeks to garner a future of improbabilities for humanity, art must transcend more dimensions of thought and meaning than simply creating a pretty, superficial picture that leaves your mind as soon as it enters. It is my wish that by exploring other avenues of art and art making, what was once considered lifeless and lackluster, can be venerated and appreciated for its aesthetic merit.

In the end, my objective is this: ATTACK AND MAKE ART!