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Basic UNIX Commands

educ.jmu.edu web publishing and program development Linux/Unix server...

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Educ.jmu.edu is a webserver for JMU faculty/staff/student individual content and general faculty/classroom Unix/Linux development use. The 'Educ' name is pronounced as in Educ-ation, in other words E-Duke-ation or E-Duke.

This server is not the home for general JMU information, which can be found at: http://www.jmu.edu/.

Proper Usage of this Server

Educ.jmu.edu is shared by faculty, students, and staff, for the purpose of personal webpages in their http://educ.jmu.edu/~userid/ URL, as well as a basic Unix/Linux command primer for general classroom use. Users agree to work within the confines of their /home1/eid/ and /home1/eid/WWW/ directories, and avoid executing programs and scripts or installing packages which can adversely affect the server, or make changes to the server in part or whole. As with all Unix/Linux systems, proper security measures are enforced, however all users agree to be good benefactors of this resource. Educ.jmu.edu is not a tear-down brick-and-morter server for lab use. Users agree not to use this server for file storage, nor as an video/audio server, application server, nor for any professional or advertising purpose outside of university use.

Scope of use:

(1) Classroom related Linux commands/scripting/programming and web cgi-scripting/programming.

(2) Individual EID home directory basic webpages (at URL https://educ.jmu.edu/~eid ) wherein classroom/students-professors can also do their Linux related homework and post assignments.

NOTE: Access to Educ by other staff/students/faculty for their own basic webpages has been given traditionally as a courtesy. Abuse of the Educ Usage Statement such as using it for video/audio, application server, file storage, etc. is off limits by definition and subject to review for the security and proper function of the server.

Connecting to the Server

For security reasons, this server no longer supports FTP clients. Rather you must use an SSH/SCP/SFTP client. Windows users please reference the Server Guide page for download information. When connecting to the server with the SSH/SCP client, you will use your JMU e-id and password for authentication. You must have an active JMU e-id and password in order to publish to educ.jmu.edu

If you have a valid JMU e-id and password, and need access to educ.jmu.edu, fill out the Educ Account Application.

To view pages for a specific user, simply go to: http://educ.jmu.edu/~userid/ where userid is the JMU e-id of the particular user's webpage you are looking for.

See the Server Guide and 'Publishing a web page for more info.

Basic HTML for publishing

Software for Programming on the Server for the Classroom/Lab

  • gcc compiler
  • java
  • perl
  • python

  • NOTE: For security reasons, neither dynamic web programming nor PHP is not offered on this server.

Linux Online Resources for the Classroom/Lab

             Email JMU-LinuxProject-L @ listserv.jmu.edu with questions.

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