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tower This is a picture of the WMRA tower located on Little North Mountain near Singer's Glen, Virginia. The tower is shared with 96.1 -FM and the Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative. Our transmit antenna is located on the top pole - they are fondly referred to as "dinosaur eggs". WLTK's antennas are known as "Rototillers". Both antennas are essentially the same, (ERI LPX-2E series) only the radomes (ice covers) actually differ.

another view - tower This is another view of the tower, showing some neighboring communications towers.

NE View The view is to the North-East, looking towards Lacey Springs, Virginia. The Tower is a Rohn 80, erected by Shenandoah Tower Service of Staunton, Virginia. The tower was designed to withstand the heavy ice and wind conditions which are not uncommon in the winter. The base elevation is about 2700 feet AMSL.

Dead Oaks Another view of the tower, this view from the jeep trail to the East of the site. Note that many of the Oak trees are dead, the result of gypsy moths and a forest fire. The trees (and the tower guy lines) are favorite perching locations for indigo buntings.

SE VIEW The view towards Green Mount and Harrisonburg.

S View Looking further South towards Harrisonburg and Bridgewater.

mother of all trucks This is not a site for a feeble truck. This 1 ton Ford with front leaf-springs has a special no-differential front end, and lots of survival gear. Also included in this view is the actual transmitter building.

Take a detour to the WMRA Jeep Trail. Easy Return!

from below Looking up towards the site from Singer's Glen.

so this is what a transmitter looks like The transmitter is a QEI FM10000.

aux site WMRA also has a nearby auxiliary site, an emergency backup for the main site. The site is located halfway down the same mountain. Click Here to tour the auxiliary site.

All Photographs 1997,1998, 1999 W. D. Fawcett

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