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VMI parade field

The WMRL transmitter site is located on the Virginia Military Institute (V.M.I.) post. Here is a photo of the parade field at V.M.I.; our tower is barely visible to the left in the enlarged photo.

rooftop view

The antenna is located on the rooftop of Scott Shipp Hall.

transmit tower

The transmitter room, in the penthouse of Scott Shipp Hall, has lovely gothic windows.

shively antenna

The transmit antenna is a Shively 6812 with a protective radome to allow it to function even when coated with ice.

transmitter rack

The transmitter is a composite unit featuring a QEI exciter and amplifier. WMRL is a re-modulated relay of the WMRA signal from Harrisonburg.

steamplant wall antenna

The receive antenna for the relay receiver is located on the steam plant wall across the post from the transmite antenna. This location was chosen to minimize intereference from our own transmitter. The antenna is a Scala CL-FM Log Periodic. By using a relay transmitter we save each Lexington listener the expense of a $3000 receive installation.

receiver rack

The receiver rack is located inside the V.M.I. steam plant. The stereo signal is delivered to the transmitter site via direct phone lines (radio loops).

All Photographs Copyright 1997, 1998, 2001 W. D. Fawcett

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