Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Sustainable Systems (A&I) Laboratory



March: Dr.Zhang received 4-VA grant on project "Dynamic Decision Making in Cybermanufacturing Systems". He will be collaborating with Dr. Polinpapillnho Katina from Old Dominion University and Dr. Ahmad Salman from James Madison University.

March: Melissa Rusinek and Tahli Moore from International Master's Program in Environmental Management and Sustainability joined the A&I lab.

January: Owen Gagnon, Brenton Kerth, Joseph Siler, Scott Layne, Zachary Deutel, Tristen Spencer, and Emillo Byrd joined A&I lab.


December: Dr.Zhang received CISE faculty development grant on project "Sustainability Assessment and Decision-making System Architecture for Cybermanufacturing Systems".

December 7-8: Dr.Zhang received NSF travel grant and presented at 6th International Forum on Sustainable Manufacturing in Lexington Kentucky.

October: Dr.Zhang received JMU 1st Year Faculty Recognition Award.

October 18-21: A&I Lab members (left to right: Evan Gibbons, Abdu Al-Qas, Jenifer Lee, Dr. Hao Zhang, and Kyle Epping) presented at 2017 American Society of Engineering Management International Annual Conference in Huntsville Alabama.

Abdu Al-Qas, Evan Gibbons, and Jenifer Lee. "A Systems Sustainability Assessment Methodology for Additive Manufacturing with Complex Biomimicry Structures"

Kyle Epping. "Sustainability Assessment of using Robotics in Small and Medium Manufacturing Systems"

July: Thomas Putzu presented "Sustainability Assessment of Single and Multi-Stream Waste Recycling Systems" at 2017 ASABE Annual International Conference in Spokane, Washington.

May: Hannah Delawter and Thomas Putzu attended Virginia Recycling Conference at Virginia Beach, VA.


December: Dr. Zhang received Provost Research Grant on project "Developing a curriculum based virtual sustainable factory for manufacturing education and manufacturing system analysis "

November: Dr. Zhang received JMU Engagement Grant on project "Environmental Impact Assessment of Single and Multi-Stream Waste Recycling Systems"

November: Abdulrahman Al-Qas, Evan Gibbons, Jenifer Lee, Kyle Epping, Thomas Putzu, Hannah Delawter, and Costantino Berradocco joined the Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Sustainable Systems Lab (A&I lab).

March: Dr. Zhang accepted the offer from James Madison University as a tenure track assistant professor. News


May: Dr. Zhang joined University of Alberta as a postdoctoral fellow.


December: Hao Zhang received PhD degree from Oregon State University.