Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Sustainable Systems (A&I) Laboratory

Current Projects

1. Bioinspired product design and additive manufacturing: The objective of the project is to identify candidates of biomimicry structures to redesign high value industrial products and to make functional parts with 3D printing processes. Video

(Researchers: Abdulrahman Al-Qas, Evan Gibbons, Jenifer Lee, Owen Gagnon, and Brenton Kerth)

2. Sustainability assessment of using Industrial Robotics in Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers (SMEs): The objective of this study is to evaluate sustainability of implementing industrial robotic techniques in key manufacturing processes that would benefit the SMEs.

(Researcher: Kyle Epping)

3. Sustainability Assessment of Single and Multi-Stream Waste Recycling Systems: Investigate life cycle costs and GHG emissions of single stream and multi-stream waste recycling systems including: upstream collection, transportation, material recycling processes, and end of life.

(Researchers: Hannah Delawter, Thomas Putzu, and Costantino Berradocco)

4. Life Cycle Assessment of Large Chiller Equipment Manufacturing . The objective of this research is to understand the life cycle environmental impact from chiller equipment with two bearing systems, oil bearing and magnetic bearing compressors, and assist sustainable chiller equipment design.

(Researcher: Emillo Byrd)

5. A Sustainability Decision Making System Architecture for Cybermanufacturing Systems: The objective of this research project is to develop a sustainability assessment and decision making system architecture that is implementable into manufacturing systems.

(Researchers: Joseph Siler and Scott Layne)

6. Systems Design of Lower Limb Exoskeleton to Increase a Soldier's Speed and Range of Motion: The objective of this research is to understand the ergonomics of the lower limb exoskeleton suit, and design and construct the suit with lightweight materials and technology that support the weight a soldier must carry while increasing the speed and range of motion of the soldier.

(Researchers: Zachary Deutel and Tristen Spencer)

7. Environmental Impact Assessment of a Waste Incineration Facility in New South Wales: The objective of this research is to understand the environmental impact of constructing a waste incineration facility compared to alternative waste management strategies in New South Wales

(Researcher: Tahli Moore)

8. Supply chain traceability and enhance sustainability in the textile industry with blockchain technology: The objective of this research is to develop a sustainability enhancement supply chain model with blockchain.

(Researcher: Melissa Rusinek)

Future Students

If you would like to work with me and join the lab, please email to make an appointment. During the project period you will be expected to:

1. Attend weekly group meetings to discuss research progress and issues
2. Collaborate with industry partners or government agencies on project problems
3. Compose professional reports or research articles
4. Communicate research results in pubic (e.g. symposium, international conferences, project partners)

Visiting Scholars

Self funded visiting scholar positions are open year round. Please send CV to