A lover of food, travel, noise, crowded spaces, books, people, color, funk, uniqueness, raspberries, sparkly things, public speaking (or generally any situation with attention focused on me) flowers, pineapple, cotton candy and all things cotton candy flavored. I love when the sun turns golden, and driving long drives with all my windows down. Even in the starkest, coldest winters. I believe in a positive mindset. I believe confidence is the key to life, and communication is the most important ideology.

Who Am I?

My Story

I changed my major four times before choosing Graphic Design. I started as a student at James Madison University with twenty-six credits already accounted for, projected to graduate in 3 years. And yet, I still managed to extend my stay beyond the required four years. After an absurd amount of time taking so many classes beyond what I needed in my repertoire, I ultimately found myself pushing through my fifth, final, and most chaotic year.

My first major was International Business, which was an absolutely devastating mistake. Most of my family fell down the business rabbit hole, and I was expected to do the same. I instantly regretted the decision after an interaction with my cousin where she told me, upon hearing my major choice, that she knew I would sell out. I had to take action. Setting out to find my passion, I spent a brief stint of time in Psychology, Media, International Affairs, Philosophy… before finally accepting that I am, and have always been, an art and design student.

Within the first couple of seconds experiencing the design world, I realized I had found something I truly love. I now get to explore my artistic skill through different digital platforms, showcasing my unique maximalist style and making it relevant to the online world of commercialism. The dream! I find myself getting lost in my work, always growing, learning and improving. I enjoy spending my time drowning myself in the digital arts, graphic moods and voices that are constantly evolving right along with the molding of the modern zeitgeist.

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