Get HiP

Get Hip is an app I created focused on keeping older generations, adults, or any age group up to date and in the loop on trends, technology, and all aspects of modernity. It is designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate, with clear highlights, menus, and descriptions throughout the app.

View the pdf, which encompasses a full breakdown of the design process and pitch for the company, and the interactive link which allows you to essentially use the app as a functional prototype, with a majority of pages developed.

App Design




DHALIA is a fictional wine company I built in its entirety that embodies multiple aspects. First and foremost it is a wine company based almost completely online that offers subscription services as well as one time purchases. It is an environmentally sustainable company that uses unique boxed packaging in multiple sizes as their primary product, and offers glass bottles in one size.

For DHALIA I am the sole designer. I designed the logo, the companies kinetic identity, their online presence, as well as the print and packaging design.

The attached pdf contains the entirety of the design process, the logo creation, kinetic identity, market reach, target audience, and company vision.

cocoa and nut

package design

Cocoa and Nut is a chocolate company

price dice

ux/ui design

Price Dice is an app that's purpose is focused primarily on UX/UI design. The user flows and wireframes for app are provided.
Brand Identity
i.e Name, Logo, Color scheme, Kinetic Identity
App Design
UX/UI design
Corporate packaging and print design
Business venture pitches