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KIN 425, Concepts of Strength & Conditioning

Exercise Technique Lab Progression (* = barbell and dumbbell methods)

For a detailed description of the exercises click on it below.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Last

Barbell Back Squat


Barbell Front Squat




Barbell Split Squat


Barbell Overhead Squat


Single leg Squat*


Power Squat Machine




Conventional Deadlift


Sumo Deadlift


Romanian Deadlift (RDL)


Single Leg RDL


Good Morning


Glute-Ham Raise (Hamster)


Reverse Hyper


Back Extension


Bench Press*


Incline Press*


Decline Press


Military Press*


DB Flyes


DB Presses


Cam Machines

  (Leg ext and Leg curl)


Bands and Chains


Close Grip Bench Press




Incline Pull-up, knees bent


Incline Pull-up, knees straight


Incline Pull-up, feet up


Pull-up - pronated grip (overhand)


Chin-up - supinated grip (underhand)


Bentover Row*




Seated Row




Upright Row*


DB Lateral Raise


DB Front Raise


DB Bentover Raise


DB Incline Prone Raise


DB Cuban Press


Barbell Irish Press


Olympic/Power Lifts


Hang Clean

   1. Stance (RDL)

   2. Power Shrug

   3. Power Pull

   4. Catch


Push Press

   1. Military Press

   2. Dip & Drive


Push Jerk

   1. Military Press

   2. Push Press

   3. Dip, Drive & Drop


Split Jerk

   1. Military Press

   2. Push Press

   3. Push Jerk

   4. Split Footwork, no bar

   5. Dip, Drive, Split & Drop


Push Jerk, Snatch grip


Hang Snatch

    1. Stance

    2. Power Shrug, Snatch

    3. Power Pull, Snatch





Practical Exam

  Hands-on, One-on-one

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