Roger Thelwell: Publications

Journal articles:

[7]. Forced Differential Equations: Problems to Impact Intuition (with Anthony Tongen and James Sochacki) PRIMUS 29:6 p527-540, 2019 .pdf .
[6]. Reinventing the Wheel: The Chaotic Sandwheel (with Anthony Tongen and David Becerra Alonso) AJP 81:2 127-133, 2013 .pdf .
[5]. Connections between Power Series Methods and Automatic Differentiation (with Carothers et al) AD2012 proceedings: Recent Advances in Algorithmic Differentiation, Springer Chp 15, 175-186, 2012 .pdf .
[4]. Cauchy Kowalevski and Polynomial ODE(with Paul Warne, Electron. J. Differential Equations, 2012, 11, 1-8 .pdf .
[3]. In situ measures of methanotroph activity in upland soils (with Joe von Fischer, Greg Butters, Paul DuChateau and Richard Stiller.
J. Geophys. Res - Biogeosciences, 114, G01015, 2009 .pdf .
[2]. Instabilities of one-dimensional stationary solutions of the cubic nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation (with Bernard Deconinck and J. D. Carter)
Journal of Physics A 39, 73-84, 2006 .pdf .
[1]. Analysis of an adjoint problem approach to the identification of an unknown diffusion coefficient (with Paul DuChateau and Greg Butters)
Inverse Problems (20) 601-625, 2004 .pdf .

Ph. D. Thesis:

Adjoint approach to parameter identification with application to the Richards Equation .pdf .

M.S. Thesis

The nonlinear balance equation .pdf .

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