Steven T. Garren

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
313 Roop Hall, MSC 1911
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807

Fax: (540) 568-6857
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Math 220

Spring 2017

Textbook homework.

Required SPSS homework #1.

Required SPSS homework #2.

Required SPSS homework #3.

Required SPSS homework #4.

Required SPSS homework #5.

WeBWorK online homework.


Formula sheet.

Computer labs.

Science and Math Learning Center, Student Success Center, room 1100

Chapter 0 lecture notes (Math 220).

Chapter 1 lecture notes (Math 220).

Chapter 2 lecture notes (Math 220).

Chapter 3 lecture notes (Math 220).

Chapter 4 lecture notes (Math 220).

Chapter 5 lecture notes (Math 220).

Chapter 6 lecture notes (Math 220).

Chapter 7 lecture notes (Math 220).

Chapter 8 lecture notes (Math 220).

Chapter 11 lecture notes (Math 220).

Chapter 10 lecture notes (Math 220).

Chapter 9 lecture notes (Math 220).

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Math 324

Spring 2017





Chapter 0 lecture notes (Math 324).

Chapter 1 lecture notes (Math 324).

Chapter 2 lecture notes (Math 324).

Chapter 3 lecture notes (Math 324).

Chapter 4 lecture notes (Math 324).

Chapter 5 lecture notes (Math 324).

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UNC-Chapel Hill Ph.D., 1994; Statistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dissertation: "Parametric and nonparametric modeling of data using sampling algorithms" under the direction of Richard L. Smith.

UNC-Chapel Hill M.S., 1992; Statistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Roanoke College B.S., 1989; Computer Science & Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Roanoke College.

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JMU Professor, 2006-current; Associate Professor, 2000-2006; Department of Mathematics and Statistics, James Madison University.

CPSC Statistics Consultant, Summer 2012; U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Bethesda, MD.

NASS-USDA Statistics Consultant, Summers 2007-2009; National Agricultural Statistics Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Fairfax, VA.

UVa Assistant Professor, 1994-2000; Department of Statistics, University of Virginia.

NIEHS Mathematical Statistician, 1991-1994; National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, NC.

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